Untitled, installation view. 1982
Each dot, 6´ diameter, is mounted flush onto artist-created "false" wall.

Left: Blue acrylic sheet is flush-mounted to wall and the edges are feathered with airbrush. Acrylic is backlit with 8 banks of florescent lights. The light intensity "reflected" off walls is precisely matched to intensity "transmitted" through blue acrylic. This makes the blue dot become spatially ambiguous, it appears to be a hole, not a surface.

Center: Louvers of aluminum direct warm air to the floor, warming entire room. To compensate, museum lowered thermostat 5ºF, making all other art spaces colder by comparison. Hardesty says, "The room heat 'unified' the space, and the other two dots."

Right: A concave blow-formed mirrored acrylic is flush-mounted to wall. An artist-made speaker behind it emits a low chord that can be heard at the mirror's focal point (about 15´ away). Up close, the mirror magnifies images. At focal point, it flips reflections upside-down.

Hardesty puts final touches on his graduate thesis installation.