P.S.1, New York

In 1986 Hardesty was awarded studio space at New York's famed "P.S. 1"

Founded in 1971, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center is one of the largest and oldest organizations in the United States solely devoted to contemporary art. Recognized as a defining force of the alternative space movement, P.S.1 stands out from other major arts institutions in it's cutting-edge approach to exhibitions and direct involvement with artists.
P.S.1 combines a world-class exhibition program, a prestigious national and international Artists studio program, and a broad spectrum of education and public programs. P.S.1 has hosted many artists early in their careers: such artists as Nauman, Baldessari, Serra, Rabinowitch, Acconci, Rifka, Tuttle, Oppenheim, Andre, Weil, Ireland, Artschwager, De Maria, Kosuth, Matta-Clark, Ryman, Wheeler, Turrell, and Sandback.