"Feedback" , 2007 ....(working test pictures).

One large, long room. Live interactive video projections on opposite end-walls.

Two false walls have been constructed in front of the end walls that face each other. Each false wall has projected onto it an image that comes from the camera stationed behind that wall (black dot near center of projected image is the camera lens poking through hole in wall.)

Each camera views and projects onto it's own wall, not only a view of the opposite wall, but also THAT wall's projected image. The effect is a tunnel of infinite images, similar to standing between two mirrors, except that every alternate image is a REVERSE angle, coming from the other camera. Front view, then back view, front view, back view, etc.

When one enters the space, one enters the frame at both sides at the same time, front and back views. At the center of the room, you can touch a same-size, but opposite angle image of yourself. You can also position yourself to be holding a smaller version of you in your own hand. There are numerous, interesting experiments one can do. Moving very close to the lens and looking into it, one can experience the truly odd sensation of catching one's own eye movements in huge size (because of a tiny delay in HD camera/projector video transfer).